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"Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know."

             -Ernest Hemingway

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for accio-season-3.

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The Hollow Crown - Richard III - bts

“Neal Street Productions worked with Benedict on both ‘Stuart: A Life Backwards’ for the BBC, and the film ‘Starter for Ten.’ His range and dexterity as an actor make him the perfect choice to bring one of Shakespeare’s towering characters to television”…”Ben Stephenson, controller of BBC drama, said: “Only BBC drama can provide talent with such a diverse range of quality roles to showcase their work, and I’m thrilled to welcome back Benedict Cumberbatch, who is one of the world’s most brilliant and in-demand actors.”  -  Variety

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Fandom Intro Meme: THREE ships
↳ [1/3] John Watson/Sherlock Holmes (BBC Sherlock)

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Alas, I rather hate myself
For hateful deeds committed by myself.
I am a villain. Yet I lie. I am not.

Benedict Cumberbatch behind the scenes of The Hollow Crown: Richard III *
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More metamorphagus Sherlock. He just goes haywire around John, like thank you hair, scream it to the heavens that you’re into this boy.

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You really do need to watch any video of Benedict frame by frame


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